Healed People, Heal People

Frequently Asked Questions About Receiving Personal Ministry PDF Print E-mail

How did each ministry team of two people learn how to provide this healing and deliverance ministry?

Each qualified ministry team was trained and released by Restoring The Foundations International. The ministry team is held accountable to adhere to specified personal, ethical, moral and legal standards.

For each issue listed on your ministry application, your ministry team will address these four areas. Please understand that if you only address one area, the enemy will use the other areas not addressed to keep an issue in your life. The four problem areas any person with any issue has are:

1) the breaking of your specific generational curses; this is the historical part of your life.

2) identifying the ungodly things you believe about yourself, the ungodly things you believe about God and the ungodly things you believe about other people.  Respectfully, Healed People, Heal People shares that most Christians don’t know what they believe. It usually takes an objective ministry team to present on paper what you believe based on your specific life’s circumstances.

3) the healing of hurts to your soul and spirit; and,

4) deliverance from demonic oppression, which is a calm process.

Who will see my confidential ministry application?

The ministry team of two who’ll provide your ministry will see your confidential application. Intercessors and a spiritual oversight team may see your application so they can be in prayer. You normally will not see or interact with the intercessors and spiritual oversight team. Honoring your confidentiality is priority and we hold this privilege as sacred before the Holy Spirit.

Who will provide my ministry?

A qualified ministry team of two will provide your ministry. They both have been trained by Restoring The Foundations International and have met all requirements to be released to provide ministry to you.

How do I know when to come to integrated healing and deliverance ministry?

Christians normally come for healing and deliverance ministry in one of four ways.

1 | You are sick, tired, and exhausted from dealing with yourself and/or those in your life.
2 | The Holy Spirit directs you to come.
3 | You see the positive life change of a person who’s come for ministry, so you want to experience the same for your life.
4 | Your church, ministry or company requires ministry as part of your employment or leadership responsibilities.

What will others say about me?

Others will say more, less or nothing about you. Your focus must center on experiencing the abundant life you are entitled to. Your ministry is private and confidential. The only people who will know are those you share it with. A better question to ask is -- what will you say when you begin to experience a positive, lasting life change.

How do I deal with the shame of my issues on the application?

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the endurance to complete your ministry application and return it. Know that even though there is temporary shame, each of us has experienced shame and we have over come it. Some of us are overcoming shame, but the beauty is there is movement, there is a positive progression and you can be among those who can live without the shame. Remember, there’s nothing created, nothing that’s been made or nothing that you’ve experience is greater than the all-powerful changing ability of the Holy Spirit.

How honest can I be even as a Christian?

In the confidential ministry room, you are free to express yourself. Yes, even as a Christian. The certified ministry team is there to make certain the environment is comfortable and safe for you. This ministry time is set aside for you, for you to be you explicitly.

What actually happens during the ministry time?

At the beginning of each ministry session, your ministry team will share what will be covered. There will be brief stints of teaching so you’ll understand the process. Each ministry session is covered in prayer. The majority of the ministry time is dedicated to focusing completely on you and what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing.

Is the deliverance part of the ministry similar to what’s typically shown on television?

Typically on television, you see an altar call with people lined up or assembled around the altar. Sometimes you see the laying on of hands. Sometimes you see people outstretched on the floor. Sometimes on television you see people speaking with varying degrees of volume in their voices. Sometimes on television, in a church or conference setting, you’ve seen cheering or outbursts of emotions. The deliverance or demonic oppression portion of the healing and deliverance is normally a calm process.

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