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Sclerderma On Ankles And Legs Better With Pure Herbs PDF Print E-mail

For Front Page Article Sclerderma 23212386Recently I had a time with an attack of sclerderma on my ankles and legs. You should have seen how blood red my legs were and they were very painful too.

I started putting Vitamin E with Selenium on them first and then I applied the Pure Herb Oil of Cajeput.

When I ran out of the Pure Herb Oil of Cajeput, I then applied the Pure Herb Vitamin E with Selenium and the Pure Herb Wintergreen Oil.

I did this three times a day. I can't believe how it helped the pain and how quickly I got better.

I need larger bottles because this is something I must have on hand! I told my doctor too! Send more!

Thank you Pure Herbs.

-- R.J., Sarasota, FL