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Restoring the Foundations, RTF Tennessee, group ministryHello Beloved reader,

Thank you for taking time to learn what it's like to receive Restoring The Foundations' (RTF) healing and deliverance ministry through Healed People, Heal People. After reading what’s below, if you have more questions, please submit your questions here. A response will be posted on the forum for registered members.

Receiving healing and deliverance group ministry

Receiving ministry in a group setting is available. The group will receive ministry for one issue only. The qualified ministry teams conducting this healing and deliverance seminar will seek the Holy Spirit in conjunction with the group’s leadership as to what issue the group will receive  healing and deliverance ministry for. The ministry donation for group ministry varies according to how many people are in the group and according to how many qualified teams provide the ministry in Nashville, TN [USA] or another city/country. This book should be read prior to the group ministry. There may be other prerequisites for the group as directed by the ministry team.

Receiving group ministry

This option one is to receive ministry for one issue the group has. You should confirm with the Holy Spirit what one issue in your life you should receive ministry for, then complete the ministry application. The ministry time will not exceed three hours. Download the ministry application here. Prior to receiving ministry, your group will be required to read this book. Your ministry team may have other prerequisites for you to fulfill before coming for ministry.

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