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August 25, 2009 | Customer in Indianapolis, IN

I'm writing to you to tell you about a man who saved my life! I am 42 years old and had been feeling bad for a very long time. I felt so bad that some days I wished I would never wake up. I had no energy. I had pain in my neck, lower back, calves and feet. I could not work out and didn't want to do anything else.

I met an herbal doctor and my whole life changed! He tested my body to see what was wrong with me and found out I had stones in my body and a very bad kidney. He put me on the following Pure Herbs: O.C.-M and B-5 [for my feet] and B-complex to get my strength back. I am happy to say it has been three months of being in the gym again and I've gone from 280 pounds to 245 pounds. I thank God for the herbal doctor I met that gave me my life back again. I owe him everything ... Thank you to Pure Herbs. Your products do work!

Descriptions of the Pure Herbs O.C.-M and Big Five


The importance of keeping arteries and veins free of fats, cholesterol and hardened waste mineral accumulation, can be the difference between a normal life and a substandard existence with reduced activity, life expectancy and or memory problems. Oral chelation is the action of taking herbal cleaners and conditioners, by mouth, to prevent and clean out circulatory congestion.

Please note, there need be no fear here of congested bits of debris breaking loose, lodging and causing a problem elsewhere. Herbs are intimately well-programed by the Creator to do their job with only intended effects and without dangerous side effects. They can be used with confidence.

Chickweed dissolves fat and promotes flexibility. Flax dissolves cholesterol and a type of fat known as triglycerides [glycerol and stearic, oleic and palmitic fatty acids]. Stone Root dissolves stone accumulation anywhere in the body, including heart valves, kidneys and bladder, as well as the circulatory system.

The leaves of the two herbs, ginkgo and gotu kola, [there is no caffeine in gotu kola; this is a miniature water lily, not the kola nut] nourish the brain and nervous system and keep energy flowing to them. In the process, they also build a strong memory and, in the case of a stroke, reverse the damage.

If it is known specifically where the blood vessels are congested, such as the neck or the heart, then an external application can be undertaken to speed the process of cleaning and normalization. Apply Vitamin E with Selenium from 100 capsules to the area to prevent irritation, then Herbal Adjustment to increase circulation [avoid contact with eyes, underarms and private areas as this can produce a temporary but unpleasant burning sensation, although no permanent damage is done], then apply Oil of Cajeput [with the same precaution as Herbal Adjustment] to the skin to break up mucus congestion.

Finally, saturate a single layer of cheese cloth or absorbent gauze with O.C.- M. Lay this over the area to be chelated. Cover with plastic sandwich wrap and finally, wrap a cloth around the area to keep all in place overnight. The next morning, discard the application, wash the area and allow to dry, then put on a daytime application just as was done for the night.

Continue this procedure for the night and day until chelation is completed and all structures are normal. Keeping a good working circulatory system and correcting a congested circulatory system makes good sense and improves the quality of life.

O.C.-M is a combination herb made of the following Pure Herbs: ginkgo, gotu kola, chickweed, flax and stone root.

Dose | 40 to 80 drops, 3 times per day and, as given above. For maintenance of the normal circulatory system, take 40 to 80 drops per day. In the case of a stroke, then the addition of Chestnut Leaf at the rate of 40 to 80 drops taken internally, 3 times per day, is a worth-while addition to complete the repair process and dissolve and prevent blood clots.

For information about the Pure Herb O.C.-M, click here.

Big Five

Repair and relief of pain for back, neck, joints and headaches. Sports activities, accidents, injuries, sports injuries, massage therapy work, arthritic and sore joint problems. Swollen discs, seizures, folk remedy for diseases described as M.S., M.D., and Lou Gehrig's Disease. Release of tension in area before massage therapy or chiropractic adjustment and benefits last longer.

Big Five is a combination herb made of the following Pure Herbs: arnica, B.& N.C.-W [brain and nerve cocktail], herbal adjustment, Ol' Number 11 and Rue.

For information about the Pure Herb, Big Five, click here.

Big Five Plus Two

The object of this formula is to have a powerful, premixed herbal formula for relief and repair of back, neck, joint and headache problems. External applications are made to the areas in trouble. Arnica removes the physical shock to the nervous system which allows healing to take place and prevents further trauma.

The Brain & Nerve Cocktail portion of the formula provides nourishment for the glands in the brain, the pituitary, pineal, hypothalmus, the brain itself, and the involuntary nervous system of the body. Herbal Adjustment is a combination of herbs which promotes better circulation and releases spasticities.

This promotes rapid repair and relief of pain. Ol' Number 11 is an excellent tried-and-true repair combination for any bone, flesh or cartilage structure in the body. Rue is a specific for sore muscles and injured joints.

Caution: Rue may bring on the menstrual flow, and as such it is not advisable to use if pregant or if pregnancy is desired.

Formula Four can be used in place of Big Five as it does not contain rue. This multi-combination is a formula which incorporates many functions into one application, each of which has proven its function separately. Together, they make a powerful tool in the hands of a person for repair and relief of pain.

Apply to the spine, from the tip of the tailbone up the spine [the width of the hand] on to the neck and on the scalp to the top of the head. Additionally, around the ears, down the neck and out to the shoulders, and on the temples and forehead.

Do not apply to underarms, private areas or get in eyes. No permanent damage has been known to occur, but if the person does not know this, they may panic, as the formula produces the sensation of great heat. If an accident occurs, remain calm and flush with water. Peace will return again soon. This same procedure can also be used for correcting headaches.

After application of the Big Five, also apply either Peppermint Oil or Oil of Cajeput to complete the pain relieving, corrective procedure. In the area where the injury has occurred or physical shock of the nervous system has occurred there may be an increased sensation of heat. Thus, the problem area is especially benefited. The effects of the combination usually last for at least 3-4 hours.

Directions for use
External application only. Repeat as needed, one to three times per day for relief of pain and then daily until healed. In conditions described as seizures, M.S., M.D. and Lou Gehrig's disease, after application of Oil of Cajeput or Peppermint Oil, apply peanut oil to the spine and neck, after warming first in the hand, as an insulation for the nerves. Use peanut oil, without a preservative, from the health food store and keep refrigerated after opening.

A novel use of the Big Five for sports use is to put 1 oz of the extract in a 1 pint [1/2 liter] spray bottle of distilled water, then add 3 drops of peppermint oil. Shake the mixture well to mix the peppermint oil with the water and extract each time before using.

Spray on legs or joints before activities such as bicycling, skating or running to keep muscles from cramping and extend performance abilities. If applying the extract full strength, avoid prolonged contact with sunlight, as some individuals have rather sensitive skin and need extra protection to avoid redness or soreness occurring due to interaction with sunlight.

As this formula contains Arnica, which can, in rare instances be somewhat toxic to some individuals and the sensation of heat is produced by capsicum, the precaution of external use only is applied to this combination. Oil of Cajeput and Peppermint also produce a great cooling and or burning sensation, so avoid contact to eyes, underarm or private areas as well.

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