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Herbs, NY, New

November 18, 2008

- N.S., New York, NY

My father, now 82, had aneurysms beginning in 1999, which were treated surgically. Then in 2004, he had a sub-dural hematoma on the brain, again, receiving surgical treatment. I told him he was having a failure of his vascular system, which needed support to be repaired, recommending [the Pure Herb] V.V.H.-W for the job, along with [the Pure Herb] O.C.-M to to prevent strokes. I bought him a bottle of each and gave them to him in the autumn of 2005.

In February of 2006, he had a mini stroke [TIA] that caused his entire right leg to go completely numb for about three hours. When I went to visit him in the hospital the next day, I stopped by his house to get the [Pure Herb] O.C.-M and the [Pure Herb] V.V.H.-W, which were there, unopened. I put some of each in a bottle of alkalized gel to create a lotion of herbal solutions, which I could rub on his skin. When at the hospital, rubbing this [Pure Herbs] solution onto every part of dad's available skin, arms, face, neck, legs and feet, a nurse-type came in and said to me, Oh, I see you're a professional! I gasped, thinking I was caught, but calmly said, Oh? Professional what? Massage Therapist, she replied.

I laughed lightly and said dad and I had been giving each other backrubs since I was a kid, and continued getting the [Pure Herb] O.C.-M and the [Pure Herb] V.V.H.-W rubbed into dad transdermally. Every day since then, dad has taken these two herbal combinations, approximately three squirts of each, twice a day.

Two summers ago in 2008, he had a couple of episodes of a tingling feeling in his hands. It happened one night while I was visiting, and when he told me, I got the [Pure Herb] O.C.-M and gave him several squirts under the tongue and began massaging it directly onto the numb hand. As soon as I started massaging it onto the skin, the feeling came back in his hand.

I encouraged him to take more squirts daily than what he was taking. He is doing so and he has not had any more episodes of numbness since then. Additionally, in February 2007, he fell up a set of slate stairs and smashed his face, breaking several facial bones. He never had a single blood clot or numbness incident during his recovery from this, and I know it's because of the [Pure Herb] O.C.-M and [Pure Herb] V.V.H.-W.

Read below for descriptions of the Pure Herbs listed in this article.

Herbs, NY, NewO.C.-M [oral chelation]

The importance of keeping arteries and veins free of fats, cholesterol and hardened waste mineral accumulation, can be the difference between a normal life and a substandard existence with reduced activity, life expectancy and or memory problems. Oral chelation is the action of taking herbal cleaners and conditioners, by mouth, to prevent and clean out circulatory congestion.

Please note, there need be no fear here of congested bits of debris breaking loose, lodging and causing a problem elsewhere. Herbs are intimately well-programed by the Creator to do their job with only intended effects and without dangerous side effects. They can be used with confidence.

Chickweed dissolves fat and promotes flexibility. Flax dissolves cholesterol and a type of fat known as triglycerides [glycerol and stearic, oleic and palmitic fatty acids]. Stone Root dissolves stone accumulation anywhere in the body, including heart valves, kidneys and bladder, as well as the circulatory system. The leaves of the two herbs, Ginkgo and Gotu Kola, [there is no caffeine in Gotu Kola; this is a miniature water lily, not the kola nut] nourish the brain and nervous system and keep energy flowing to them.

In the process, they also build a strong memory and, in the case of a stroke, reverse the damage. If it is known specifically where the blood vessels are congested, such as the neck or the heart, then an external application can be undertaken to speed the process of cleaning and normalization. Apply Vitamin E from 100 i.u. capsules to the area to prevent irritation, then Herbal Adj. to increase circulation [avoid contact with eyes, underarms and private areas as this can produce a temporary but unpleasant burning sensation, although no permanent damage is done), then apply Oil of Cajeput [with the same precaution as Herbal Adjustment] to the skin to break up mucus congestion.

Finally, saturate a single layer of cheese cloth or absorbent gauze with O.C.- M. Lay this over the area to be chelated. Cover with plastic sandwich wrap and finally, wrap a cloth around the area to keep all in place overnight. The next morning, discard the application, wash the area and allow to dry, then put on a daytime application just as was done for the night. Continue this procedure for the night and day until chelation is completed and all structures are normal. Keeping a good working circulatory system and correcting a congested circulatory system makes good sense and improves the quality of life.

O.C.-M is a combination herb made up of the following Pure Herbs: ginkgo, gotu kola, chickweed, flax and stone root.

Dose | 40 to 80 drops, 3 times per day and, as given above. For maintenance of the normal circulatory system, take 40 to 80 drops per day. In the case of a stroke, then the addition of Chestnut Leaf at the rate of 40 to 80 drops taken internally, 3 times per day, is a worth-while addition to complete the repair process and dissolve and prevent blood clots.

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Herbs, NY, NewV.V.H.-W [varicose veins and hemorrhoids]

Only in very recent, modern times have so-called learned men in North America thrown up their hands in despair about correcting varicose veins and resorted to cutting people with knives in a vain attempt to correct weak veins. This is barbaric. Cutting a well person with a knife hurts them, you can imagine what it does to a sick person. What we must do is work on the cause of the problem.

Knives do not cut out the cause of the problem, they cut out the result of the problem. If the cause of the problem is not addressed and corrected, then it is free to cause the same problem again in the very same area, or ravage another part of the body, such as cause a stroke or rupture of a vessel in the lungs or heart, or varicose veins elsewhere. Let us work on the cause.

Knitbone [comfrey] is a body glue that glues you back together again; Horse Chestnut Leaves, White Oak Bark and Calendula are officially recognized by natural practitioners as a cure for varicose veins. Calendula softens scar tissue and adhesions [blood vessels or intestines or other structures growing together and causing a blockage, with resultant back-up and swelling] and cause normal flexibility to return to these structures. White Oak Bark also functions as a first-rate antibiotic.

This truly inspired team of herbs is a blessing to Mankind in its efforts to alleviate suffering and disappointment. So remember, a team like this will probably do you a lot more good than a potato chip and a soda pop, to keep your body young and in good shape. If overweight, however, you may have to shed a few pounds to take the weight stress off of your legs and or hemorrhoid areas to affect lasting repair and prevent a reoccurrence. Other than that, eliminate acid foods, clean up your diet, adjust your weight, use a bowel maintenance program and enjoy the benefits of V.V.H.-W combination.

This combination herb V.V.H-W is made of the following Pure Herbs: knitbone [comfrey], calendula, chestnut leaves, white oak bark and wild rose hips.

Dose | 80 drops, 4 times per day, faithfully, along with a bowel maintenance program which produces at least 2, and preferably 3, soft, easy and complete movements per day.

Note | Most cases respond within 2 weeks. After this time, consider a maintenance amount of V.V.H.-W to prevent reoccurence. Also, continue a good bowel maintenance program. In this case, what gets you well usually keeps you well.

Special note | V.V.H.-W has been used by practitioners to repair blood vessels throughout the body such as in the lungs, of the heart and brain. Its use need not be confined to the area of the rectum and legs for repair of varicose veins.

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