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Let's talk about sex bay-bee!

Do you now live with pain inflicted by your father?

Do you know people who exist in hyper-religious activity? This is a person who goes beyond the normal, balanced work in their local church. They strive through their church performance. May I share something? The spiritual root within a person's hyper-religious activity is brokenness. [And, many times it's sexual brokenness.] These hyper-religious people are trying to atone for their [sexual] brokenness through religious work. It's only a matter of time before they tire out or burn out.

What do 65% to 85% of all lesbians have in common? They’ve been sexually abused as children.

What is one of the deepest wounds a person can suffer? The wound inflicted by their father.

We, me and you, are designed and need the love of our biological father. When we don’t receive healthy love from our biological father, a few things tend to happen.

1) Our emotional growth suffers beginning in childhood [and continues into adulthood].

2) A spiritual root of anger and rebellion can develop as a child [and continue into adulthood].

3) The child [who is now an adult] begins self-destructive behavior.

4) The child [who is now an adult] feels unlovable and defective instead of wanted, loved and valuable [as God/Jesus/Holy Spirit intended].

5) There's an unconscious anger against God beginning at an early age [that continues into adulthood]. The child [subconsciously or consciously] wonders why God gave them unloving parents.

Beloved reader, did you know that every child has a deep, God-given need for affection in three primary ways?

Primary way no. 1 – every child needs large amounts of affectionate touch consistently and regularly

Primary way no. 2 - every child needs loving eye contact consistently and regularly

Primary way no. 3 - every child needs tender tones of voice consistently and regularly

When a child hasn’t received this kind of love, they start looking for love [usually beginning in the teenage years] somewhere else. Since many boys don’t receive this type of nurture, they gravitate towards pornography at an early age to fill the void. A second place children find comfort from the absence these three God-given needs is in food, sweets. Many times, this over eating and unhealthy eating continues into adulthood.

Did you know that even a new born baby in the womb can sense when they don’t have a safe place in their mother or father’s heart. This is why many new born babies even play with their own genital areas; they are seeking the healthy affectionate, God-designed touch that’s needed. All the baby knows to do is play with himself or herself.

Do you know that 80% of people who receive healing and deliverance have some type of sexual problem?

What creates some of these open doors for sexual brokenness in women, men, boys or girls? Now, let me define the word open door. Each of us as Christians either have iniquities or have a sin(s) that legally give satan and/or his demons the right to torment us, hold us in bondage. This is the open door – what you do or inherit from your generational line that gives an entry point for curses, bondage, habitual sin. Reading porn books or romance novels or viewing sexual-contented shows is a very simple open door for any person to be set up for sexual brokenness.

Beloved reader, God is not mad at you, He grieves for your pain, even if it stems back to childhood. You do not have to live with constant sexual compulsion that’s not healthy in God’s sight. You no longer have to medicate your pain. As the creator of this Web community, Healed People, Heal People, want you seek freedom in this area of your life? The Holy Spirit is waiting on you. Be encouraged and get ready to give the benediction on this bondage in your life.

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