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Do you take prescription meds? Does someone you love take prescription meds? Did you know that properly prescribed medication is the number three cause of death in USA according to the American Journal of Medicine?

In 2003, my cancer test came back 80% positive and I asked The Holy Spirit to help me get through this and if He did, I would change.

It's 2009, and I'm still keeping my word.

When I told the Lord I'd change, I meant:

1) change the food I purchase and the food I eat; LocalHarvest.org can help you access local organic farms.

2) change how I treat my body internally;

3) change how I treat my body externally through daily exercise; I eat every day, therefore, I exercise every day.

4) not change in keeping my body sanctified as a living sacrifice for the Lord, which includes sexual morality whether you are married or single.

5) change by educating myself on the origins of the food I purchase; You understand our food supply in America is severely contaminated.

6) change by switching to natural herbs instead of prescription medication; for every thing that could possibly be wrong with the human body, internally, externally or mentally, the Lord provided an herb for it that's still available today. I'm a distributor for Pure Herbs and this has changed my life. For example, I used to suffer from sinus infections every six weeks. I may have one sinus infection a year, but no more. In 2009, I chose to address the spiritual roots of my sinus infection.

7) and change about by getting off of prescription medications.

Three Web sites that changed my life are www.BeInHealth.com,
www.HAcres.com, www.DrDay.com and www.NotMilk.com.

Yesterday, 6.15.09, I spoke with my mom who is trying to eradicate her high blood pressure.

I shared with mom please do NOT overlook the spiritual side of your high blood pressure or any illness whether life threatening or a functional illness.

Almost everybody in my mom's family had or has high blood pressure [not me, I broke the generational curse off of me and the children I have to come].

A generational curse is not difficult to break.

You're familiar with the scriptures that repeat many times in the Bible, satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.

It's real and active in every believers life.

The question is how active or passive are you in YOUR life by being an offensive participant to experience the promises of an abundant life.

The primary mode of operation satan uses to destroy, steal and kill YOU, your family, your church members and your friends is through attacking your body.

For some satan uses illness.
For some satan uses drugs.
For some satan uses sex.
For some satan uses mental torment.
For some satan uses food or the lack thereof.
For some satan uses laziness or the lack of exercise.

You see the pattern, right?

You understand that each of the things listed above are not simply coincidence, but are controlled [unseen] by the demonic.

You are familiar that with repeated scriptures that boldly declare the issues we wrestle with are rooted in the unseen evil, demonic, principalities.

So, the operative question is, are you dealing with your issues, including your health issues, by eradicating them also on a spiritual level?

You know what I don't like about satan is that he's not even that clever.

His intelligence quota is pretty low, because he doesn't even try new stuff.

Think about it, think about how many things are repeated in your family throughout the generations.

Even as Christians, we tend to say comments like the following:

"I don't know what's wrong with that boy."

"She ought to know better, no good will come of this."

"We raised them in the church, so they know the truth; I just can't get through."

"The men in the family just can't seem to make a go of it."

"Is he is jail again? He ought to stop that and take care of his family."

"Has she had another baby out of wedlock? So how many is it now."

Okay, so what's my point here.

Many times we completely overlook the spiritual in our day-to-day lives.

The active operation of generational curses simply and realistically explains many of the common statements we all hear in our families weekly.

Now, what I wrote above, are the things that are seen.

As you know, many of us wrestle with things are are unseen, in our minds, things we are too ashamed to let others know including spouses, children, parents and church members.

Satan's done a good job keeping Christians focused on the symptoms and the natural, instead of being focused on eradicating the [spiritual] roots of our issues, even health issues.

By putting an axe to the spiritual roots, then the symptoms are forced to die.

As some of you know, I graduated in May 2009 from an int'l school for biblical healing and deliverance.

I learned that the liver is the major organ that filters our impurities.

I know none of us in class had ever cleaned our liver.

Most issues in the kidney and gall bladder starts in the liver, but doctors will not share that out.

Why, because the medical profession typically treats symptons and not the roots of your issues.

If they treated the roots of your issues, then you would not need to come back or continue to get all those prescriptions refilled for the rest of your life.

Oh -- just seems like there's a stream of slight greed or self-serving in that.

One of my teachers in school, who is 72 years old, is the most healthiest person I know personally.

He said when he cleaned his liver, he did 3 liver cleanses in a row.

He passed more than 2,000 liver stones [no they don't hurt when passing because they are soft].

If we don't clean our liver, the bioducts in our liver get clogged -- they have no choice.

If you're interested, this is the Web site for the cleanses -

www.LocalHarvest.org is where you can find local organic farmers for your food.

A More Excellent Way is a book that must be in every library; you can order it here.
The author is simply a gift from God to the Christian community. He and this book has helped many, many, many Christians -- that's all I know to say.

If you're not a member, you can join this online Healed People, Heal People community for free here. You'll receive regular updates of encouragement wrapped in biblical truths.

Please know that you can have lasting, healing and deliverance from any issue today. It's available and the Lord is simply waiting for you to surrender and bring your issues to the cross.

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