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Pure Herb N.P.-T Used For Neuropathy In Leg, Feet, Stomach And Chest PDF Print E-mail

I have type I diabetes and have developed moderate to severe neuropathy [nerve-suffering]of the right leg and both feet, and also the stomach and chest nerves.

Most days my feet burned uncomfortably by the end of the day, and my legs felt numb and stressed.

Also, I used to get sensations of my heartbeat racing, if my blood sugars dropped too low, or were too high, but lately the neuropathy of those nerves have given no warning of this.

I told a friend about these problems and she suggested I try the Pure Herb N.P.-T.

I used the N.P.-T externally on my legs, feet and low back to see if I could get some relief. After applying the combination for two days, morning and evening, I felt such a blessed relief that is was almost unimaginable to me that the herbs could supply so much relief.

I decided to try applying this combination to my stomach and am pleased with the results.

My enormous gratitude to Pure Herbs products and my good friend, Bonnie!

-- P.R., Shelby Township, MI [USA]