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I visited Reuben's office in Kentucky and was introduced to their anti-flu recipe which is: four droppers of the Pure Herb A.F.-R and one dropper of the Pure Herb Peppermint Oil in two to four ounces of water.

If able, may be taken without water, but is very strong. If exposed to the flu, take a dose immediately or at first sign of flu start, taking immediately.

May be taken every two hours in crisis situation. Upon returning home from Reuben's office, my friend Darlus told me she was having flu-like symptoms and was very ill.

I suggested the anti-flu recipe. She was tired of being sick. I explained the ingredients and dosages.

A few hours later I checked on her and Darlus was immediate with her response. She said you have to brace yourself for the first does because after the first does every orifice was draining something out of it.

Darlus felt completely cleaned out. Then the heat came. She said she felt a warm glow to a gradual HOT feeling from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

She was no longer cold. She was HOT. Clothing started coming off, fans started coming on! She finished off with a run to the bathroom -- knowing full well that anything poisonous or otherwise had vacated the body.

Darlus stated that she felt 100% better and was no longer cold. When the nausea tried to return she hit it with two more doses two hours apart.

The second does wasn't nearly as hard to take as the first one. Darlus says brace yourself, hold on and the flu will soon be gone!

-- J.C., Marion, IL