Give, What It Is That You Need, First, To Someone Else Print

About 10 years I learned a spiritual principle that I've never forgotten.

First let me give credit where credit is due.

I learned this biblical principle by listening to a series by Dr. Tony Evans of The Urban Alternative in Dallas, TX.

Dr. Evans taught, whatever it is that you need from someone, from the Lord, that is what you should give first.

I decided to apply this to my life and it works.

You are familiar with the universal principle of sowing and reaping, right?

You know that sowing and reaping is a universal principle, right?

Meaning that it, the biblical principle of sowing & reaping, is operating in your life, Christian or not, believer or not, a lot saved or not, a little saved or not.

I'll allow you to do the homework to find the scripture where this is established in the Word of God, The Bible.

When I was unemployed in 2002, I had to pay my mortgage.

If my memory is correct, at that time my mortgage was $1,007.49. Yep, I remember numbers very well.

I had about $500 of the mortgage for the upcoming month and I didn't know where the other half was coming from.

A had a friend who was also unemployed, like many Americans during that time.

Her car insurance was due and she didn't have the money either.

Well, guess how much her car insurance was, $500.

As I was backing in the garage one day, I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, "Pay her car insurance."

She was fretting about how she was going to have to park her car and would not have a means to go look for a job.

She was used to her family coming to her financial rescue because not only did they work, they also owned companies.

Her family would not deliver the money as she was accustomed to -- this didn't sit too well with her.

Meanwhile, I'm having a major verbal spat with the Holy Spirit.

The conversation went something like this.

ME: Lord, you know I don't have all of my mortgage. I need that $500.

THE LORD: You trust me, right? After all, you've been telling people that I'm going to deliver you. Don't you believe it.

ME: Lord, I've got to figure out where the other half of my mortgage is coming from in less than two weeks. I ain't seeing how this is gonna happen.

THE LORD: Are you going to take action and demonstrate what you've been saying to people about me. Show your faith.

Well, this little verbal tennis match went on for a while between me and the Lord.

I ended up finding my friend's insurance agent and paying her car insurance.

I asked him not to tell her who made the payment, ever.

He said to me, aren't you unemployed too?

I said, yes, and walked away.

To this day, she doesn't know I paid her insurance.

She called me a few days later saying, you'll never guess how the Lord provided for me. I was mad at my family for not giving me the money. I should not have tried to determine how the Lord was going to provide.

I listened to her rejoice, smiled and rejoiced with her. She's still working and doing well to this day.

I simply wanted to share this with you to let you know I tried, in leariness, applying this biblical principle to my life --> Give, What It Is that You Need, First, To Someone Else.

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